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BYG is family business created in 1967. BYG manufactures and distributes direct replacement parts for all the main construction, quarry and mining OEM brands. BYG began as a fastener specialist for earthmoving machinery and public works. Over the years the company expanded the range of products, entering into new sectors such as wear material and spare parts. Today, it is one of the main national and international references in the manufacture and distribution of spare parts for public works machinery and mining.

A history of constant innovation

The history of BYG is one of a constant commitment to innovation. BYG has always been concerned with the needs of the customer and the market. Through our own engineering department, R & D quality, we develop pioneer products around the world with our own technology.

  1. 2019

    LHD product range
    Complete Lip system for LHD (load-haul-dump) tram loaders that extends the bucket life and improves penetration.

  2. 2018

    Web Re-design
    Presentation of the new design of the company’s website in collaboration with the company DIDI_com

  3. 2017

    To conmemorate its 50th anniversary  (1967-2017) , BYG re-launched, the BYGOnline shopping service for distributors and customers with new utilities and tools and an extended graphic interface to facilitate use.

  4. 2016

    BYG wear parts App. 
    The BYGwearparts App is available on Google Play and active since 2016. The BYG App allows access to the gallery of BYG brochures and catalogs available online and to the summary of news and news about the company. The BYG wearparts application can be downloaded for free.

  5. 2014

    Usco Group
    In 2014, the Italian multinational ITR USCO constitutes a partnership with BYG.
    The USCO group has distribution and production centers on five continents and is a world leader for the production and supply of components for earthmoving machines: undercarriage, G.E.T (wear parts) and miscellanea (engine spare parts).

  6. 2012

    Futura MINER 
    The success in the field of the largest sizes of the FUTURA range lead to the development of the FUTURA MINER range. MINER is the FUTURA solution for the heavy duty and demanding wear parts of the FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY brand. The challenge of producing these parts for the mining sector has succeed and the FUTURA MINER range is currently one of the product lines with more international demand.

  7. 2010

    BYGPlus+ Franchises | FUTURA TWISTER
    Commercial opening of the first BYGPlus + franchise in Spain, in the Barcelona province. Later, the franchises of Córdoba, Vizcaya, Burgos and Gijón will follow.
    New TWISTER range of the FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY products. The TWISTER range features a helix style nose compatible with ESCO SuperV teeth and adapter

  8. 2008

    ISO 9001 | FUTURA BP  
    BYG obtains the ISO 9001 certification for the activities of: Design and commercialization of elements for first equipment of machinery of construction and mining.
    The FUTURA BP range (Futura Bucket Protection) for the protection of buckets enters into production phase.



    International expansion of BYG with the Canadian and Chinese branches. BYG Canada Inc opens in March in the province of Quebec. The facilities of BYG China are located in Ningbo, the second most important city in Zhejiang Province.

  10. BYG 2005


    The international success of the FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY wear products brand and the BYG blades and ripper shanks led to the expansion of the company in the USA. BYG Corporation opens in september in the state of Texas.

  11. BYG 2004


    BYG opens its second international branch in Germany.
    Given the need to have effective ground engaging tools at competitive prices, BYG decides to develop its own premium brand of wear products: the FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY brand was born.

  12. BYG 1999


    First international branch in Portugal
    The Portuguese market has always been of vital importance to BYG and in 1999 the first BYG European branch was opened in Portugal, in the strategic district of Leiria.
    The success of the BYG and FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY products in Portugal continues today.

  13. BYG 1993


    New facilities in Molins de Rei
    In 1993 the construction of the current BYG headquarters was completed. BYG head office in Molins de Rei, Barcelona is a 3 store building.
    Later, the central building will be extended to adjacent buildings to house the production and logistics centers.

  14. BYG 1992


    First export sales
    The quality of BYG products begins to be known outside the Iberian Peninsula and in 1992 the first international orders for blades and one-piece machine finished ripper shanks were delivered.

  15. BYG 1973


    National expansion  
    In its beginnings, the company commercialized three basic lines of products: fasteners, filters and blades with great success. BYG found an excellent reception in the Spanish market that was in full expansion due to the large projects on roads and highways. Shops were opened in Seville, Madrid and Mallorca.

  16. 1970

    Introduction of blade production
    BYG had by then 3 employees in the store. With the inclusion of the workshop for the manufacture of blades, the number of employees increased to 6. The administrative and office staff would join the company a few years later.

  17. BYG SA 1967


    Foundation of BYG in Barcelona
    BYG, a local business dedicated to the sale of spare parts opens a small store in Rosés street, in the Sants district of Barcelona. The surname of the two founding partners: Aureo Bartolomé Pascual and José Gallén Pons gives his name (Bartolomé and Gallén)  to the new enterprise.

BYG in the world

BYG works with local distributors to serve its growing customer base located in more than 100 countries.

mapa paises donde BYG exporta

Products: Cutting Edges, Blades, Bucket  Lips, Ripper Shanks, High Strength Fasteners 12.9, Direct Replacement Teeth, Adapters, Cast Wear Parts, Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools & Hydraulic Breaker Tools. Production with the best cast steel alloys to ensure optimum performance, more wear material and extended life of products.



Products: Teeth, Adapters and Cast Bucket Protection Wear Parts feature innovative designs of proven performance. Futura product range combines the best steel alloys for tough impact & abrasive applications with extra wear material designs to extend wear life in every application.

The FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY products contribute to improve safety during the installation and removal of the assembly parts.

Quality, Research & Development

BYG has its own team of engineers who, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the products, continuously project and improve the FUTURA and BYG wear products. BYG has endowed its Research and Development Department with the most modern and advanced technology available. BYG engineers develop new products every day responding to the needs and ideas of customers. BYG goal is to design and produce efficient and high performance products for each application.

Engineering, R&D

Engineering, R&D

In-house engineering and R&D departments

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Certification that guarantees the quality of all BYG industrial processes



Full quality control on all BYG products

100% Warranty

100% Warranty

Certified Warranty

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