Ripper and components

BYG is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that produces ripper arms manufactured in one piece, without welding, thus avoiding the risk of premature breakage of the welded ripper arms.

Complete Ripper Shanks

BYG manufactures one-piece machine finished ripper shanks from the best steels and guarantees their stability and long life. BYG ripper toughness is very high even under the most difficult ripping conditions, such as low temperature or extreme ripping. Only the highest quality steels are used on our production facilities in Spain.

BYG has a wide range of ripper shanks that cover almost all brands and models on the market, from the smaller ripper shanks to the 120mm thick ripper for the biggest bulldozers manufactured by Caterpillar, Komatsu or Liebherr.

BYG Classic Ripper Adapters

The BYG Classic ripper range includes all the necessary parts for the repair and protection of a ripper shank. The ripper shanks can be made to measure or can be ordered with the manufacturer’s reference.

BYG only works with the best high yield strength steels for the production of adapters or ripper shanks.

Ripper teeth and protectors

BYG also has protectors, teeth and pins that complete the BYG ripper range. Also available is the premium FUTURA RIPPER range that includes hammerless solutions for the assembly of teeth and protectors to the ripper shank.

BYG and FUTURA teeth and ripper protectors are compatible and are direct replacement parts for the main manufacturers of bulldozer parts such as: Caterpillar, Esco, Komatsu, Liebherr, etc …


High quality

Ripper shanks and shank’s arms manufactured in one piece with the best steels.

Quality guarantee

BYG guarantees all its ripper shanks and shank’s arms against defect or breakage.

Cutting-edge technology

BYG employs the latest robotic manufacturing technology for all ripper shanks for a long service life.

High strength

The BYG ripper shanks withstand the most adverse conditions thanks to the quality of the steels used.

High toughness

One-piece BYG rippers maintain the same thickness along their length and are less susceptible to the permanent deformation suffered by welded rippers.

Complete range

BYG has the complete range for the repair and protection of any size of ripper shank.

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