Discover the FUTURA wear range. The main features of the FUTURA premium range are its hammerless solutions that increase safety and reduce downtime on your machinery.


Futura Miner teeth, intermediate adapters and pins compatible with Esco Posilok or Posilok Plus. For machines up to 800 tons. Wide range of standard or hammerless solutions.

The Futura X2 range is a system of teeth, adapter pins and protectors compatible with the Hensley XS range.
The Futura X2 is a hammerless system.
For machines up to 400 tons.

The Futura T2 system is compatible with Esco SV2 parts and offers teeth, cast adapters or guards. The T2 Hammerless system is suitable for mining machines up to 400 tons.

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FUTURA Wear Technology

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Complete system of parts suitable for use as a replacement or together with Esco SuperV parts. There is also a hammerless solution: TWISTER HAMMERLESS available from size 59.

Direct replacement parts help reduce machine downtime. Compatible with all major equipment manufacturers for machines up to 250 tons.

Complete FUTURA lip system for subway mining loaders LHD (Load Haul Dump) that prolongs bucket life and improves penetration.

Complete system of parts suitable for use as a replacement or in conjunction with Caterpillar parts. One tooth for two systems: J Series and FC2.

Its case is reinforced, self-sharpening system, its 4 ribs nose improves side pin engagement, Hammerles system the safest.

FUTURA FC2 available from size 22 to 70.

FUTURA DREDGE offers a wide range of teeth with the FUTURA HAMMERLESS system, which offers long component life, increased safety and faster changeovers.

FUTURA DREDGE teeth are available from size 28 to 68, and parts can be protected with three optional coatings.

FUTURA bucket protectors have a wide range of products to protect and extend the life of the bucket, side shield, anti-wear buttons and bars, weldable protection blocks, corner guard, blade guard and skid plate. They are designed for severe applications and abrasive conditions to obtain extreme hardness, consistency, hardness of 700HB.

FUTURA RIPPER offers a wide range of tooth components and guards, which can be used with the new FUTURA HAMMERLESS system.

As well as with Caterpillar’s standard pin and washers.

FUTURA RIPPER teeth are available from size 300 to 550.

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