Teeth and adapters

BYG is a leading manufacturer of wear parts products such as teeth and adapters. BYG specializes in products for excavators, loaders, bulldozers and drilling machinery. BYG ground engaging tools are well known for their quality and high performance in the most demanding jobs. The teeth and adapter supplied by BYG are sold under two brands: BYG and FUTURA. All BYG wear parts are guaranteed against breakage.

FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY teeth and adapters

Three main features of the FUTURA Wear Technology Premium range: 1. Hammerless solutions that increase safety and reduce downtime in construction by not requiring the use of hammer for assembly; 2. Proven performance with extra weight invested in reinforcing the key areas of the tooth where it has more exposure to wear. Finally, its design with lateral and central ribs contribute to facilitate the flow of material, significantly extending life of the pieces while retaining its self-sharpening properties.

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BYG Classic teeth and adapters

The BYG Classic range of teeth and adapters is manufactured using the most modern production processes.
The BYG Classic parts are cast in high quality steels that allow to obtain hardness higher than 500 Brinell, thus guaranteeing against any defect or breakage all the cutting tools of the BYG Classic brand. The BYG Classic range offers you a great variety of systems because each machine and application has different needs.

Full Range

High quality

Products cast in high quality steels that allow to achieve hardness levels of above 500 Brinell, thus guaranteeing against any defect or breakage all the teeth and adapters manufactured by BYG.

Extended Wear life

Additional steel is added in key areas of the parts where wear occurs. As a result, the FUTURA range has approximately 20% more usable wear material than similar systems in the market.

Full range

From mini excavators to mining parts, discover the full range of sizes and designs available in the BYG Classic and FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY product range.

Hammerless Solutions

The FUTURA WEAR TECHNOLOGY range offers solutions for the parts assembly of parts without the need for a hammer, thus increasing safety during part changes.

Proven perfomance

The FUTURA range presents 20% more wear material in its teeth and adapters that contribute to the maximum use of each piece, maintaining the properties of the tooth thanks to the quality of its designs.

Time saving

Another advantage of the FUTURAe hammerless solutions is the time savings involved in the replacement of wear parts.

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