BYG is a specialist in fasteners for heavy machinery. The BYG fasteners product range includes bolts from diameter  1/4 ” to 1-1/2″  and up to 13″ in length.

The metric system bolts include screws and nuts from 5mm to 36mm in diameter and 300mm. of length. BYG offers the possibility of manufacturing bolts up to 76 mm on demand. of diameter and 1000mm. long, as well as bolts up to 3″ inches diameter and 40″ long.

Hexagonal bolts

The heads of the BYG hexagonal bolts are 20% higher than the American standard ANSI B 18.2.1 and that the norm DIN931 (ISO 4014) DIN933 (ISO 4017) DIN960 (ISO 8675) DIN961 (ISO8676), providing the BYG bolts with more capacity and wear resistance.

For greater strength and durability of the BYG fasteners, use them with BYG high-strength HD nuts and washers.

Plow bolts

The BYG blade fasteners are specially indicated for the anchoring of teeth and adapters, corners and other wear protection parts to the blades of public works and mining machinery.

BYG plow bolts meet the following technical characteristics: Pre-tensile strength of 170,000 PSI (120 Kg / mm2), elastic load limit of 140,000 PSI (100 Kg / mm2) and a Rockwell hardness of C36 -42

Undercarriage fasteners

The BYG undercarriage fastener system is specially indicated for the anchoring of the elements of the tracks such as: complete chains, sectors, rollers, wheels, tiles, etc. There are three types of bolts: track chain bolts, split master link bolts and segment group bolts depending on their location inside the chain.

Technical specs of the undercarriage bolts: Pre-tensile strengthof 170,000 PSI (120 Kg / mm2), elastic load limit of 140,000 PSI (100 Kg / mm2) and a Rockwell hardness of C36-42


Higher head

BYG bolt’s heads are 20% higher than American Standard B18.2.1. The bolts provide increased fatigue life and maximum holding force for the nut.

SAE grade marks

The radial marks indicate the grade of SAE strength for better identification. Six marks on the head guarantee the quality grade 12.9/35-38 Rockwell (113/124 kg./ mm²).

Fine grade steel

Fine Grade Steel provides an even microstructure improving its resistance with a lower percentage of breakage.

Laminated thread

Laminated with the maximum precision BYG bolt and nuts provide a better hold eliminating the risk of breaking.

Forged head

Provides a correct flow of the steel fiber, reducing the fatigue points, ensuring major resistance to bumps and an even distribution of the weight. The edges do not round off and the bolts can be re-used. The washer sits perfectly below the head.

Full range

For greater strength and durability of your hardware, use BYG bolts together with BYG high resistance HD nuts and washers.

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