Carbide tools

Carbide tools are specific cutting tools for the foundation and piloting machines (for solid walls, mines and tunnels), milling machines (used in road construction, concrete cutting, recycling and demolition works) and trenchers (in the construction of water channels and pipes).

The picks are offered in very practical packaging for transport. The BYG carbide tools complete the range of products offered to customers in the sector.

Picks and holders for milling machines

At BYG we offer specific solutions for the milling of roads, with a wide range of picks and holders, as well as specific tools for all types of machines intended for milling asphalt or cement.

Picks for trenchers

BYG picks and holders for trenchers are an essential part of the wear tools and can be used efficiently and quickly where deep ditches have to be dug or in applications such as: installation of power lines, water and gas pipes, underground cables, etc.

Installation of telephone and TV lines, construction of drains, landscape architecture, channeling of irrigation lines, placement of fences or preparation of land for construction

Picks for surface drilling and mining

Range of picks and holders for the mechanical excavation with rock cutters or tunnel boring machines and for foundation and piloting machinery.

Picks for levelling jobs

For the most demanding levelling jobs use levelling blades (or scarifying or reaming blades) armed with BYG cutting tools. The cutting tools are specially designed for use on hardened, frozen and gravel surfaces.


Carbide tips

Carbide tips optimized for a long wear life.

Complete range

BYG offers you a complete range of carbide tools and holders for each application.

Quick and easy assembly

The tight diameter of the disks of the BYG carbide tools facilitates their assembly.

Long wear life

The high-quality coating of the carbide tools sleeves contributes to their durability and reliable fastening.


The carbide tools manufactured by BYG are offered in very practical packaging for easy transport.


The design with transition radii greater than the standard radii confer resistance to the BYG carbide tools.

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