Hydraulic breaker tools

BYG is a manufacturer of hydraulic breaker tools. All BYG tools are manufactured with the best steel alloys, machining processes and heat treatment in order to obtain the highest resistance to impact, hardness and tenacity that the pointers require for demolition, trenching, quarrying and mining work.

Hydraulic breaker tools

The range of BYG tools includes not only the standard types, always available in stock, such as the pyramid and chisel point, but also special pointers such as the conical, blunt (short-asphalt), large blunt, wide chisel, diving tool or 4X profile depending on the application.

BYG has more than 1,200 references of direct replacement pointers to more than a thousand hydraulic hammers from different manufacturers.

Permanent Stock:

  • Chisel point: For work in ditches and benches
  • Pyramid: For breakage of hard materials such as reinforced concrete or similar
Spare parts for hydraulic breakers

BYG has a complete range of spare parts for hydraulic breakers. BYG has spare parts for most brands and manufacturers in the market.

The spare parts line includes pistons, bushings, tie rods, pins, bolts, membranes or any type of spare part you need.

BYG hydraulic breaker parts have been manufactured with the best procedures, including cutting, heat treatment and polishing.

Permanent stock of hydraulic breaker tools


Trenching and benching jobs.


For breaking hard materials as concrete and similar.

Hydraulic breaker tools manufactured on demand


General demolition work.


For impact breaking.

Diving tool

For driving in post, pipes, etc...

Big blunt

For demolishing concrete, stone blocks

Wide chisel

For compact soil and asphalt

4X profile

For use in high dust operations

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