New BYG BUCKETS brochure

The new range of BYG buckets are available in 2 qualities: HD and EXTRA HD for the most abrasive applications.

BYG presents its new range of buckets with designs adapted to the needs of our customers. In addition, all buckets are made from Hardox brand steel. The wearparts offered in the buckets are also BYG brand wearparts, thus ensuring the guarantee, performance and durability of the assembly.
The three key points for the success of BYG buckets are:

  • Steel quality
    All BYG buckets are manufactured with HARDOX steels of 450 brinell quality or higher. The excellence of the steels used guarantees the bucket’s performance and durability.
  • Applied engineering
    The second aspect to highlight is the applied engineering and the production processes used in their manufacture, as they are fully approved and guaranteed with the European manufacturing seal.
  • BYG wearparts guarantee
    The third factor that distinguishes BYG buckets from the competition is that both the wear material (BYG and FUTURA blades, teeth, adapters and protectors) and the bucket are products of the same company and therefore the fusion of the elements adds up to the prolongation of the bucket’s useful life.

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